Our Mission

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Equitable Education

We believe, OER, Open Educational Resources provide an opportunity to address the global injustices that affect education in Ghana
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Empowered Learners

Our program encourages teachers and students to take control of their identity as leaders and curate their own learning while reflecting out loud.
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Driving Community

We seek to help other people organize local efforts to increase OER across Ghana. Get involved today.

Get Involved

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Do you want to change education in Ghana?

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Do you want to build your leadership and tech skills?

Upcoming Events

How Does it Work?

We utilize IndieWeb building blocks to create our OER Networks

Personal Websites

Every participant gets a website. The first infastructure a network needs is your own.

Using the open source platform Known participants track learning and teaching using cool tools like webmentions

Group Wiki

Every network gets a wiki. Participants curate and create open educational resources to be used across Ghana.

Check out the wiki for the Accra .

Matrix Chat

Using the open source client Riot, every group also gets a matrix chat room.

Own your connections

Get Involved

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Leadership and membership are open to all.

Attend Two Events

To join our movement attend two of our meetups. We will help you create a personal website

Events include leadership training activities and personal hacking time

Create Your Own Group

Take what you learn and start a local movemenet

Host two events and we will help set you up with resources



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